40 Places Where Covid Shots Have Failed To Stop The Spread

24 countries and 16 states where cases reached new all-time highs after vaccination roll outs.

One of the most surreal aspects of the global campaign to force the world into taking these experimental mRNA-vaccines is the sheer number of places where Covid-19 cases have reached new all-time highs after the introduction of these leaky vaccinations. Wasn’t the point of vaccination to slow the spread?

Even Bill Gates said in July 2020 that the “key goal” of these vaccinations is to “stop the transmission” in order to “get the immunity levels up so you get almost no infection going on whatsoever.” While the vaccines were being sold to the American people, Joe Biden said, “you are not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations.” The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky said, “vaccinated people don’t carry the virus and don’t get sick.” And, Anthony Fauci said, “when people are vaccinated they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected.”

When did the goal of vaccinations cease to be prevention of infection and transmission? Wasn’t protection from infection and transmission always the goal of other vaccination programs such as polio, measles, and mumps? So let’s take a moment to explore how these covid shots have led to a record rise of cases in 40 places around the world, beginning with the Scandinavian countries:

Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Norway are all at all-time highs in cases even though we are only beginning to enter the winter season when coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths tend to rise in the northern hemisphere. This seasonality also known as the “flu season” is due to changes in temperature, humidity, ventilation, sterilizing UV sunlight, and population-scale vitamin D levels. But this record increase in cases is also happening in lower latitude European nations such as:

As you can see, despite mass vaccination campaigns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports rolling out across many European nations, cases are now at their highest levels yet, and it is only the start of the winter flu season. This phenomenon is not exclusive to Europe and has also taken place in Asia:

Northern-Asian nations like Japan and South Korea have seen record numbers of cases since vaccination, but so have Southern-Asian nations including; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This rise in cases after vaccination has also inflicted the two island-nations of, Australia and New Zealand, which were previously hailed by the pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine mandate corporate media as “zero-covid” successes:

Although, to many independent scientists, physicians, and journalist, this rise in cases in Australia and New Zealand was an inevitable outcome due to the fact that these non-sterilizing vaccines do not stop infection or transmission. Now, moving on to the United States, many of the southern states have already reached new all-time highs in cases despite the roll out of the vaccination program:

As this data shows, despite the mass vaccination campaign, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky have all experienced their highest levels of cases yet between the months of July and October 2021. Furthermore, many of these southern states also experienced their highest levels of hospitalization and deaths during these same months. Interestingly, even Washington and Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest had their worst months (cases, hospitalizations, and deaths) yet, and are now entering the winter flu season at case levels near their 2020 peaks:

The vaccination campaign also failed to slow the spread on the islands of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands which all saw record outbreaks after mass vaccination:

Now, as we approach the winter season, many Northern states are already at all-time high case loads, and will undoubtedly have their worse covid season yet if current trends continue. Especially, if the big pharma controlled corporate media and bought and paid for public health officials continue to only prioritize profits for vaccine makers rather than focusing efforts on safe and effective early treatment options such as monoclonal antibodies:

In summary, if the goal of vaccination is to slow the spread, as Bill Gates stated in 2020, and as has always been the goal of vaccination, then these vaccinations are completely failing all around the world. Now, big pharma controlled public health officials continue to claim that leaky vaccines are superior to no vaccines, but independent vaccine makers and scientists like Professor Luc Montagnier, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche continue to warn that mass vaccinating with leaky vaccines are an incredibly dangerous experiment that can promote the evolution of more virulent pathogens. As documented by this 2015 NIH-funded study, “imperfect vaccination can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens."

Additionally, it is completely non-sensical and a violation of the Nuremberg Code to coerce or force populations to take these experimental mRNA vaccines. This argument is further strengthened by the fact that these shots do not prevent infection or transmission. Therefore, vaccine passports do not serve any public health purpose, but they are an ideal tool of authoritarian tyrants looking for increased top-down control over human rights, freedoms, and liberties. Moreover, big pharma controlled government officials continue to ignore the fact that these experimental gene-therapy shots have been linked to more adverse events and deaths than all other vaccines combined over the last thirty years. If the vaccine does not provide personal immunity then the vaccine does not provide herd immunity. On the other hand, the only people guaranteed immunity in this entire pharma-fascist takeover of society, are the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

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*All data and charts from ourworldindata.org and nytimes.com.


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